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Post-payment verification (PPV)

Each quarter, we will select a sample of GOS Contractors to take part in a PPV exercise. If you are selected, we will check a sample of your GOS submissions against clinical evidence. This will provide assurance to NHS England that claims are being made appropriately. There are 4 types of GOS forms in scope: GOS 1, GOS 3, GOS 4 and GOS 6. 

If contacted to take part in a PPV exercise, you will need to submit evidence to support your payment claims. Read PPV Guidance for contractors (Word: 258KB) for more information on our PPV process.

You are obliged to keep ongoing, full and accurate records under your GOS contracts. 

We are clinically led and guided by the ‘Eye Health Policy Book’ and GOS regulations. 

There are 4 outcomes for every sample reviewed: 

  • no action - no issues have been identified
  • no recovery but feedback / education - issues have been identified but these are deemed to not meet the threshold for a recovery
  • payment recovery - serious issues have been identified, breaching professional and / or best practice guidance, justifying a recovery of the claim
  • fraudulent claims - if any discrepancies are identified or an overpayment has arisen due to suspected fraudulent activity, this will be reported to NHS Counter Fraud Team before any outcome decision is made

Evidence to supply 

For each GOS claim, we ask that you provide evidence that confirms the validity of that claim. 

Watch our video which details what we require from you when submitting evidence and how best to avoid delays to the payment of your claim. You can also read our guide Reviewing GOS forms (Word: 254KB).  

Suggested evidence 

You should submit a copy of the pre-visit notification if you have retained it.  

You should also submit appropriate extracts from your sight test records for the patient, which should show as a minimum: 

  • patient name 
  • history and symptoms 
  • reason for the sight test (if it has been conducted earlier than the memorandum of understanding on minimum sight test intervals) 
  • date of last sight test 

Submitting evidence 

There are a number of ways for you to submit evidence to us. 

All evidence submitted must be legible. 

Contractors are encouraged to return the evidence electronically (via NHSmail or Egress - a file transfer system). For further information go to Post Payment Verification and sending us your evidence.

If you have access to a secure NHSmail account, you can send us your evidence by email. 

To submit evidence by NHSmail, save the electronic document with the filename:

{your practice name}_{PPV reference for the sample}_{date submitted} 

Send this to:

Evidence can include screenshots from relevant systems or scanned copies of paper forms. Alternatively, paper copies of evidence can be sent in the post, contact if this is your preferred method before submitting evidence, as a cover form is required.

NHSBSA PAO will follow a standard, consistent approach to examining GOS forms and contractor evidence. 

If you have any questions, or you are unable to provide evidence, contact us by email:

PPV documents

Reviewing GOS forms (Word: 254KB)PPV Guidance for contractors (Word: 258KB)

Requesting patient information in line with GDPR 

A full privacy impact assessment was carried out before the go-live of this service. All aspects of the transfer of data have been assessed in line with the impact of GDPR. 

There is a patient declaration on each type of GOS form. This states: 

“I confirm I am entitled to an NHS funded sight test and I consent to the disclosure of relevant information for the purposes of checking this and in relation to the prevention and detection of fraud.” 

Patients are consenting to their information being shared with NHS England and authorised organisations when they are signing the GOS form. 

We have been authorised by NHS England to deliver PPV through a memorandum of understanding between the 2 organisations.