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Statement of Financial Entitlement business rates audit

Providers in England can apply for a business rate reimbursement from us. 

Providers can apply for this if:

We use the ratio of NHS to private treatments given at the practice to work out how much providers should be paid.

We regularly review claims for business rate reimbursement on behalf of NHS England. This makes sure that all claims are accurate and that providers have been paid correctly. It also helps us make sure that all providers are encouraged to claim if they can.

We carry out the review as a 3 year rolling programme. This means all providers who claim will have their claims reviewed at least once every 3 years.

Providers who are reviewed will need to submit evidence to support any previous claims.  If inaccurate claiming is identified, we will work with providers to resolve this. This may result in money being paid back to either the provider or NHS England.

Find out more information about business rates audit by visiting Ask Us.