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Travel to receive NHS treatment

Certain groups can claim help with the cost of travel to receive NHS care in England if they:

  • are referred by a doctor (GP or hospital doctor), ophthalmic practitioner or dentist
  • make an extra journey to go to hospital or another place to receive NHS care
  • travel by the cheapest method of transport which it is reasonable for them to use

For more information:


If you’re entitled to help with the cost of travel, tell the hospital (or place where you’re being treated) that you want to claim back the cost of your journey. If your place of treatment issues payments, you will be able to claim your money back during your visit. They will ask you to show proof of your entitlement, such as your award notice or your NHS tax credit exemption certificate.

You will need to keep any tickets or receipts you have as proof of the cost. If your place of treatment does not issue payments (for example, a GP practice or dental surgery where you have been referred for specialist treatment), you will need to claim your expenses using an HC5 claim form.

If you live in England

Download and print the HC5(T) form. The form tells you what to do.

HC5(T) travel refund form (97.2KB)

You can also order a form online and we'll post it to you.

If you live in Scotland 

Download and print the Scottish HC5 form. The form tells you what to do.

HC5 – Scotland travel refund form (80.5KB)

You can also get an HC5 from your GP practice or pharmacy. 

If you live in Wales

Call 0345 603 1108 (select the option for health publications) and ask for an HC5 form to be sent to you.

You might be able to get an HC5 from your Jobcentre, NHS hospital, GP practice, dentist or optician.