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Universal Credit toolkit

Not everyone who gets Universal Credit is entitled to free NHS prescriptions and dental treatment.

Universal Credit claimants are only entitled if their earnings in their last assessment period were:

  • £435 or less
  • £935 or less if their Universal Credit includes a payment for a child or they have limited capability for work or work-related activity

Incorrect claims for free prescriptions and dental treatment may result in a penalty charge notice.

How you can help

Pharmacies, GP practices, dental practices and support agencies can help Universal Credit claimants avoid penalty charges by using these resources:


A4 poster (PDF: 413KB)

A5 flyer (PDF: 413KB)

Waiting room screens (PowerPoint: 1.5MB)

SMS and waiting room content (PDF: 275KB)


A4 poster (PDF: 411KB)

A5 flyer (PDF: 412KB)

Waiting room screens (PowerPoint: 1.5MB)

SMS and social media content (PDF: 67KB)


A4 poster (PDF: 413KB)

A5 flyer (PDF: 414KB)

Easy read

A2 poster (PDF: 5MB)

If you have any feedback on these materials or suggestions for additional resources, email 

Updates to the prescription form

New prescription forms are being introduced in England from January 2020.

The updated prescription forms include a new exemption box U, 'Universal Credit and meets the criteria', for patients who are in receipt of Universal Credit and meet the criteria for free NHS prescriptions.

Patients can find out if they’re entitled to free NHS prescriptions, NHS dental treatment and help with other NHS costs using the online eligibility checker.

Until the updated form is available, patients who are eligible for free prescriptions because they claim Universal Credit and meet the threshold, should continue to tick the ‘income support or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)’ box (box K).