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Electronic prescriptions

If you regularly get prescriptions, you could save time by getting them electronically.

Get your prescriptions electronically

The electronic prescription service (EPS) lets your doctor send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

Using EPS means you:

  • can go straight to the pharmacy to get your prescription instead of going to your doctor first
  • may spend less time waiting at your pharmacy if they have had time to prepare your medicine in advance

How to sign up to EPS

You need to check that your GP practice offers EPS. If it does, ask if you can sign up. 

You don’t need a computer - the prescription is sent directly from your GP practice to the pharmacy.

You’ll need to choose which pharmacy your prescriptions will be sent to. You can change this at any time by telling your GP or the pharmacy you want to use.


Electronic repeat dispensing

If you regularly get a prescription for the same medicine(s), the electronic repeat dispensing service could help you.

Your doctor will give your pharmacy permission to dispense a series of prescriptions for you.

This means you don’t need to arrange repeat prescriptions, you can just go to your pharmacy to collect your medicine when you need it.

By using electronic repeat dispensing you’ll:

  • save time for you and your GP practice
  • help the NHS save money by processing fewer paper prescriptions
  • have a reliable and confidential service as electronic prescriptions can’t get lost

    Check if you're suitable for electronic repeat dispensing

    You need to speak to your doctor to ask if electronic repeat dispensing would work for you.

    To be eligible, you need to:

    • get the same medicine at regular intervals
    • choose the pharmacy where you want to collect your medicine  from

    You can change the pharmacy you collect your medicine from if you need to.

    Wessex AHSN has developed a short animation to help the public to be aware of the electronic repeat dispensing service, and its benefits. You can view the short film on the Wessex AHSN website. You can also see how a patient (Mo), GP and the Pharmacist all benefit from electronic repeat dispensing.

    How it works

    Your doctor will give your pharmacy permission to dispense a series of prescriptions for you.

    The doctor will also ask for your permission to share information about your treatment with your pharmacy. This helps pharmacy staff to give you advice and manage your medicine.

    The number of prescriptions and how often you can get them will depend on your circumstances.

    You can collect your prescriptions when you need them

    When you go to your pharmacy to collect your prescription they’ll ask you questions about:

    • your medicine and whether you’ve had any side effects
    • any other medicine you’ve taken
    • other items that might be on your prescription that you don’t need at the moment

    They’ll also check if you’ve seen a nurse or doctor since your last prescription was prescribed and make sure that you treatment is helping you.

    If you think you might need a change in medication, you'll need to go back to your doctor. Pharmacy staff can't change the medicine on your prescription.

    Pharmacy staff will tell you before they give you the last prescription in the series.

    You'll need to contact your GP practice at this point. Your doctor might want to see you before they give permission for another series of prescriptions to go to your pharmacy.