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NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)

A PPC could save you money if you pay for your NHS prescriptions. 

The certificate covers all your NHS prescriptions for a set price. You will save money if you need more than 3 items in 3 months, or 11 items in 12 months.

The prescription charge in England is £9.90. A PPC costs:

  • £32.05 for 3 months
  • £114.50 for 12 months

If you get prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), you may save more with the Hormone Replacement Therapy Prescription Prepayment Certificate (HRT PPC).

Before buying a PPC, check if you’re entitled to free NHS prescriptions and other help with health costs using our eligibility checker

Buy a PPC

How much you can save

Number of prescribed medicines you need each month Saving with a 12 month PPC Saving with a 3 month PPC
2 £123 a year More than £27 in 3 months
3 More than £241 a year More than £57 in 3 months
4 More than £360 a year More than £86 in 3 months

Check your PPC is valid

Check that your PPC is valid before claiming free NHS prescriptions.

Get a digital PPC

You can receive your PPC instantly by email. Contact us to switch to a digital PPC.

How you can buy

You can buy a PPC:

  • online
  • in-person at some pharmacies

If you need extra help call us on 0300 330 1341.

Find out about call charges

If you get NHS prescriptions for HRT medicines

HRT PPCs covers certain HRT medicines for a set price of £19.80 (the same price as 2 prescribed items) and is valid for 12 months.

If you get prescriptions for HRT medicines, you may save more with an HRT PPC.

For example, if you get 4 items in a 3-month period and 3 of the items are HRT medicines covered by the HRT PPC. It is cheaper to buy an HRT PPC for £19.80 and pay the prescription charge of £9.90 for the other item. This costs £29.70 in total so is cheaper than buying a 3 month PPC for £32.05.

Find out more about HRT PPCs.

Ways you can pay

You can pay for a PPC in the following ways:

  • In 10 monthly instalments by Direct Debit. This option is only available for a 12-month PPC. It is not available at pharmacies.
  • In full by card payment.
  • In full at a pharmacy.

Claiming refunds

NHS prescription charges

You may get an NHS prescription charge refund if:

  • you get an NHS refund form (FP57) when you pay for your NHS prescription - you cannot get one later
  • your PPC covers the date you paid for your NHS prescription

The FP57 tells you how to claim.

You need to apply for a refund within 3 months of paying the prescription charge.

PPC fees

If you become entitled to free NHS prescriptions while your PPC is valid. You may be entitled to a refund. Read the HC11 booklet (PDF: 270KB) for details of refund arrangements. Contact us to claim a refund.

How to report a change or error

It is important that your details are correct and are kept up to date.

If you change your name, you need a new certificate. Return this certificate to us with a copy of your marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, deed poll, passport, or decree absolute.

Contact us if you change address or notice any errors on your certificate.

In the event of the certificate holder’s death, let us know and return the PPC so we can stop a renewal reminder being sent. In certain circumstances, a refund may be due.

How to replace your PPC

If you lose or damage your certificate, contact us. We can send you a replacement.

You can switch to a digital certificate and get your PPC by email. Or you’ll receive your paper certificate within 10 working days.

Terms and conditions for buying an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)

The terms and conditions of using the prescription prepayment certificate service.