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Apply for an undergraduate bursary

Eligible undergraduate students can apply for a social work bursary to help them with their living costs and tuition fees from their second year of study. In the first year of the course, funding may be available through Student Finance England.

An undergraduate social work bursary is:

  • awarded to eligible students who have completed their first year of study
  • not assessed on household income
  • a grant not a loan
  • paid into your bank account at the start of each term

Bursary rates

The basic bursary rates are:

  • £4,862.50 if you attend a university outside of London
  • £5,262.50 if you attend a university within the London area

This is paid on a pro rata basis for eligible part time students.

Before you apply

Read through the guidance booklet for the year you’re applying for.

Your guide to social work bursaries 2021/22 (PDF: 3.28 MB)

When to apply

If your academic year starts in the Autumn (from 1 September to 31 December), you must submit your application by 1 November. 

If your academic year starts in the Winter (from 1 January onwards), you must submit your application by 14 February.

Applications received after the relevant date will not be accepted.

How to apply

  1. Log onto our online student portal MyFunding.
  2. From your account you can access the bursary application form. 
  3. Complete the form online.
  4. Upload the application form and any supporting documentation to your MyFunding account.

Uploading a document to your MyFunding account

The selected file must be:

  • a JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF or PDF
  • an original version ​​​​which displays the document in full
  • clear and in focus
  • in colour
  • unaltered by computer software
  • at least 50KB and no more than 5 MB

If the document does not meet this criteria your application will be rejected.

Read our guidance on setting up a MyFunding account and making an application.

MyFunding guide for students (PDF: 1.04MB)

What happens next

We aim to deal with your application within 20 working days from the day we receive the form and all supporting evidence.

You can track the progress of your application at any time, by logging into your MyFunding account

Additional information

Travel costs

The social work bursary includes a contribution towards your placement travel costs. If your placement provider also contributes towards your travel costs, this will not affect your bursary entitlement.

Tuition fees

You’re responsible for paying your own tuition fees. You can use your social work bursary for this or apply for a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England.

Bursary retainers

If you’re receiving a bursary retainer, the organisation paying the retainer needs to complete the bursary retainer form and return it to us.
Bursary retainer declaration form (PDF: 586KB)