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Claiming GOS 4 vouchers in England - online learning

Person completing voucher details

Claiming GOS 4 vouchers in England (C-103210) (online learning link) will help you to accurately claim GOS 4 vouchers in England when a patient requires repair or replacement of their glasses or contact lenses.

The online distance learning covers:

  • what a GOS 4 voucher is   
  • when it is appropriate to use a GOS 4
  • how do you know if your patient qualifies for a GOS 4 voucher
  • when do you need pre-authorisation
  • how to obtain pre-authorisation for your GOS 4 voucher request
  • claiming best practice

This CPD aims to support and educate registrants to claim GOS correctly, and have the necessary detail on their record card and form.

The pass mark is 60%.