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Clinical Advisers

The Clinical Advisers are working with health bodies to develop effective risk-based processes which are integrated with other NHS Dental Services monitoring information. They act as the first point of contact for health bodies about clinical issues and are the hub for the co-ordination of risk-based information generated by NHS Dental Services activities and can assist health bodies with specific issues of concern. This may include targeted record card checks, patient examinations and practice inspections, to investigate contractual and legal compliance with regulations.

The Senior Clinical Adviser is:
Paul Gray

The Senior Orthodontic Adviser is:
Brian Kelly

The Clinical Advisers are:

North Team

Amit Duggal
Nicholas Johnson
Mary Kavanagh
Sunil Savani
Martin Wall

South Team

Andrew Cole (Team Leader)
Dianne Eggleton
Adrian Hilsum
Duncan McJarrow
Giselle Taylor


Amit Duggal
Duncan McJarrow

To contact your local Clinical Adviser email