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Routine orthodontic monitoring

Our team of independent specialist orthodontic advisers perform routine clinical orthodontic monitoring.

This helps us to:

  • monitor the quality of orthodontic treatment
  • detect and prevent fraud and error

We complete monitoring on a 3-year rolling cycle, reviewing 350 performers each year. Each performer will have a minimum of 5 cases reviewed every 3 years.

As part of a clinical review, we'll:

  • request full records for each case being reviewed
  • produce a report with our findings
  • send the report to the contact holder for review
  • send the report to the responsible commissioner within 14 days, together with any observations from the contract holder

If you are selected for review, you must submit your records electronically using Egress, watch our Egress User Guide (YouTube video). We’ll also email you instructions with our request letter.
Orthodontic Clinical Assessment (OCA) form (PDF: 147KB)Example Request Letter (PDF: 145KB)Example Provider Report (PDF: 140KB)Example Commissioner Report (PDF: 141KB)

The NHSBSA have a statutory obligation to monitor dental contracts under NHS regulationsView the outcomes of OCA monitoring (PowerPoint:164 KB).