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Following a recommendation by the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI), the Department of Health has approved a change to an existing information standard formerly approved by the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB), allowing publication under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 issued on 2 Nov 2016 which states that.

  • Systems used within Secondary Care, Acute Care, Mental Health Services, Community Services, Dentistry and Optometry - for the direct management of care of an individual - must use SNOMED CT as the clinical terminology standard within all electronic patient level recording and communications before 1 April 2020.
  • Systems used by all other providers of health related services where the flow of information for the direct management of patient care comes into the NHS must use SNOMED CT by 1 April 2020.

The documents below are a list of the resources available relating to SNOMED CT.  The documents will be updated as requirements for the collection and submission of dental SNOMED CT codes become available in the coming months.

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Training and education

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