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2023-24 Mid-year review revision

Following publication of mid-year performance letters on 31 October 2023, we have been contacted by colleagues raising concerns about the accuracy of their data. We have investigated these concerns, and we are sorry to advise that we have identified an error in the data used to make the mid-year activity calculations.

We apologise for this error and any inconvenience or anxiety this will have caused. We are working with NHS England to address this issue and to provide contract holders with updated mid-year calculations.

This error has resulted in a small number of contracts being erroneously categorised as having met or not met the required 30% activity threshold. For the majority of contracts there is no impact on the mid-year outcome of met or not met.

We have identified that those contracts affected are:

  • 15 contracts which require a revised mid-year outcome. Of these, 12 have been updated from ‘not met’ to ‘met’ and therefore an action plan is no longer required. 3 have been updated from ‘met’ to ‘not met’ and are therefore required to complete an action plan.
  • 3,961 contracts where the outcome remains unchanged, but a revised mid-year review letter will be issued with a corrected mid-year activity position
  • 2,527 contracts where the outcome remains unchanged, as does the already communicated mid-year activity position

Revised mid-year letters will be ready to view in Compass from 24 November 2023. All colleagues who are required to complete a response to their mid-year outcome should do so by 11 December 2023.