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Workforce Services Optimisation

NHSBSA Workforce Services Optimisation offers tailored project support to NHS organisations. We help you get the best use out of workforce services and systems including:

  • NHS Jobs
  • Electronic Staff Record (ESR)
  • NHS Pensions
  • HR Shared Services

We help the NHS make improvements to usage by offering:

  • technical guidance and support
  • short term additional resource
  • knowledge that enables efficient self-management of systems 

This support lets NHS organisations like yours focus on the actions from the NHS People Plan 2020 to 2021 and the responsibilities you have towards your people. This includes continuing to look after them, training them, growing the workforce, and working together differently to deliver patient care.

New challenges presented by COVID-19 reinforce the need for transformation now more than ever. Organisations that can use services such as NHS Jobs and ESR more efficiently can position themselves better for positive transformation. 

How Workforce Services Optimisation provides support, NHS to NHS

We get to know your organisation’s needs

Our dedicated team of experts works with you to understand your workforce challenges and identify where Workforce Services Optimisation can support you.

Whether it’s lack of time to tackle a project or specialist technical help required, we can help you.

We assist your transformation

Our mission is to help you tackle your challenges and plans for transformation at a reasonable cost, NHS to NHS.

We equip you with the tools you need to optimise recruitment and HR processes, empower your managers and improve your workforce planning. Our expert technical help and interim resource boost will empower you to get the most out of the workforce services and systems you rely on.

We prepare you for the future

Before we part ways, we make sure you have the system knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running and continue transforming without us.

If you do need additional support after working with us, our Workforce Services Regional Teams will only be a phone call away.

Contact us

Get in touch with the Workforce Services Optimisation Team to discuss your requirements:

Phone: 0300 330 1013

Find out about call charges.

Transitioning to the new NHS Jobs service

The Workforce Services Optimisation Team are working hard with NHS organisations to move them over to the new and improved NHS Jobs service.

Find out more about the new service and how you can start using it.