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Guides and toolkit

Guidance for universities on NHS and Social Work Bursaries.

Social work bursary


View information from the Department of Health and Social Care regarding social work bursary funding in 2021/22, including bursary allocations and rates.

NHS Bursary

Guides for universities

Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses for NHS Bursary students and universities 2021/22 (PDF: 611KB) NHS Bursary (BUR) forms - Guidance for universities (PDF: 455KB)Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) (PDF: 1.4MB)NHS Bursary funding for Medical and Dental students 2021/22 (PDF: 741KB)

We are not able to accept any old versions of forms.

Make sure we have the right contact details for your university by completing a university/college contact details form (Excel: 120KB).

Following your feedback, most of the NHS Bursary forms are in Excel format, are not academic year specific and have clear guidance on what information needs to be captured.

When completing the NHS Bursary forms that are Excel documents, you must return them to us:

  • by email
  • with the Excel file attached

We cannot extract the data if you send it in any other format.

All NHS Bursary forms must be returned to when completed.


NHS Bursary Scheme new rules (tenth edition) 2021/22 published by the Department of Health and Social Care. 

NHS Learning Support Fund

Guides for universities


NHS Financial Support for Health Students - Learning Support Fund 2021/22 rules are published by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Final year student extensions

If you have students from the 2019/20 academic year who require an extension to complete their course for reasons other than coronavirus (COVID-19), the process is as follows.

Speak to your students to discuss the reasons for the extension and complete a HEI extension request form (PDF: 173KB). This form should then be emailed to us at and we will then contact the student directly with details on how to submit an application form.

Once the student has returned this form to us, we will review and either submit to a DHSC/HEE panel for review or reject if there is insufficient evidence. Students will be informed at this point the process of their application.

We submit our recommendations for payment to the panel on a weekly basis. Once we have received their decision, we will write to the students to let them know whether their claim has been sent for payment or, if rejected, reasons for this.

Students can request a review if they do not agree with the decision, details of this will be provided in their confirmation email.  

NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF) university portal

Authorised and registered university staff users can access the NHS LSF university portal by entering their email address and password.


Our toolkit has been developed for staff, careers advisers, programme administrators and other professionals who work in education or with students.  

If there’s anything else you'd find useful, email us:

Posters and infographic

These posters can be printed A4 or A3 size. Select 'fit to page' in your print settings, to make sure your margins are correct.

Student coversheet poster (PDF: 1.2MB)Fraud Poster - Spot it. Report it (PDF: 688KB)Fraud Poster - Bring it to light (PDF: 672KB)Find more information about reporting fraud in the NHS at the NHS Counter Fraud Authority website.

These posters provide advice and information on how students can save money on NHS charges. They’re available to display in your university or college.

To get copies, contact us by telephone: 0300 123 0849.

Find out about call charges

NHS Low Income Scheme poster (HC10) (PDF: 26KB)Prescription Prepayment Certificate Poster for Students (PDF: 237KB)

You can find out more information about help with health costs for students and people on a low income.


These leaflets can be printed A4 or A3 size. They've been produced with your open days in mind, so you can provide prospective or current students with an overview of NHS student bursaries and social work bursaries.

Social Work Bursaries leaflet (PDF: 223KB)Fraud awareness leaflet (PDF: 672KB)Student Services - what we do (PDF: 250KB)

NHS Learning Support Fund Toolkit

All the latest materials relating to the NHS Learning Support Fund for the 2020/21 academic year are now available. 

The materials below are relevant to the 2019/20 academic year.

Child Dependants Allowance (CDA):

Student Journey (PDF: 951KB)HEI Journey (PDF: 953KB)CDA Poster (PDF: 31KB)

​​​Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses Allowance (TDAE):

Student Journey (PDF: 982KB)HEI Journey (PDF: 997KB)TDAE Poster (PDF :30KB)Completing your TDAE claim (PDF: 3.6MB)

Exceptional Support Fund:

Student Journey (PDF: 964KB)HEI Journey (PDF: 963KB)ESF Poster (PDF: 30KB)Completing your ESF claim (PDF: 666KB)


Additional information

More information is available on the government’s website for:

ESG consultationSocial work bursary information packs