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Contract Management: Mid and Year End Reconciliation

Commissioners have a responsibility to assure themselves about the delivery and quality of the dental services that they commission. Part of this assurance is achieved through the Mid and Year End reconciliation process (as set out in the GDS and PDS regulations and NHS England’s Policy Book and Handbook).

In June 2017 NHSBSA and NHS England commenced a pilot service to test the delivery of the end of year reconciliation of 2016/17 activity by NHSBSA on behalf of two Direct Commissioning Office (DCO) teams in the South East and West Midlands.

The goal of the pilot was to enable the development of a single operating model for the Year End and Mid Year reconciliation process, giving consistency for providers and freeing up resources for DCO teams to focus on other contract management and support activities. 

Following the successful conclusion of the pilot, the service is now being extended to deliver support to up to five more DCO teams from September 2018, and all DCO teams by September 2019.  We are currently working with NHS England to support the teams that are participating in the first wave of the roll out.