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Disclosure of senior managers’ remuneration (Greenbury) 2020

We anticipate that the Greenbury functionality within Pensions Online (POL) will be available from Monday 6 January 2020.

Requests for disclosure information should be received by NHS Pensions between 6 January 2020 and Friday 28 February 2020 to enable us to provide you with the necessary disclosure information by 1 April 2020.

This will allow you time to prepare and submit your draft accounts by noon Friday 24 April 2020. Please note, we can’t guarantee that requests or queries received after 28 February 2020 will be dealt with by 1 April 2020

Who should employers request Greenbury figures for?

The Department of Health and Social Care Group Accounting Manual (GAM) 2020-21 states the remuneration report must disclose information on those persons in senior positions having authority or responsibility for directing or controlling major activities within the group body. This means those who influence the decisions of the entity as a whole rather than the decisions of individual directorates or departments.

The GAM goes on to say: 'The Chief Executive or Accounting/Accountable Officer must be asked to confirm whether this covers more than the executive and non-executive directors (for CCGs – attendees at Governing Body meetings). It is usually considered that the regular attendees of the entity’s board meetings are its senior managers.'