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Pensions Online - Submitting employer comments

In Employer Newsletter 9 – September 2017, we asked that when submitting an employer comment on Pensions Online (POL), you ensure information is provided to enable us to clear the error.

We are still receiving a high volume through without meaningful information to help clear the errors. This means we are unable to resolve the error and much needed resource is being diverted from clearing errors from employers who have provided meaningful information.

As a consequence, we have no choice but to remove any employer comments received without the relevant information included. The data error will still be present and viewable through Pensions Online but we will not hold the comment on our record.

This will enable us to prioritise the employer comments where the information has been provided to clear the error without the need to contact you further.

The Data Management Team will continue to work on all errors in line with our business priorities, including those where an employer comment has not been submitted.