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Sharing our performance - December 2017

Our current performance 
The table below shows our recent monthly performance for pension award processing:

NHS Pensions performance December 2017

Our Christmas plans were achieved by Pensions staff working additional hours during November and December to ensure the work payable during the Christmas period was cleared in advance. This enabled the majority of people to have a nice break and enjoy the festivities with their families without impacting the work position.

Officer and Practitioner Awards continue to be in a good processing position. We are closely monitoring the volume of applications coming through for our peak processing period at the end of March and have already started to process some of them.

The turnaround time for manual estimates has improved significantly, continuing to improve the service we provide to our members.

The Greenbury window opened much earlier this year giving employers a bit longer to submit their requests.

Progress continues in our priority work area of sub awards. The current plan to recover in this area is April for Practitioners and August for Officers. We will keep you updated on this.