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Submitting a retirement benefits claim form (AW8) on Pensions Online (POL)

Since changes to Pensions Online (POL) were implemented in September, we have received a large number of AW8s that have been submitted with either incorrect payable dates or incorrect reasons for retirement. We have also received applications that should not have been submitted electronically, or where we have not received the additional supplementary forms.

When the changes were made, the validations on POL became limited, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure:

  • the member is eligible to claim the type of benefits that are being selected. The member must be eligible for these benefits at their last day of service
  • the payable date input is correct
  • any additional information is sent to or (if the member is a Practitioner) immediately upon submission of the AW8.

Do not rely on POL to advise you if the member is or is not eligible for the benefits you have selected.

Where the above information is submitted incorrectly, or is not received, this may cause a delay in the member’s application process.