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Pensions Online – submitting employer comments

The Data Management Team are receiving an unprecedented volume of employer comments and are currently unable to achieve a five day turnaround on this work.

While we appreciate your assistance in cleansing data, we receive an average of 400 comments a day. Around 80% of the comments do not provide the necessary information to resolve the error and are simply requesting the clearance of NHS Pensions allocated errors.

The Data Management Team work on priority errors where a joiner, leaver or annual update has not processed. This includes error 0056 (overlapping employments) which is our highest volume error. We have made great progress on our priority errors and the volumes have reduced significantly over the last few months. However, the high volume of employer comments is causing delays in our priority errors clearance. 

To avoid unnecessary delays and duplicating effort, we will only prioritise error clearance where an employer has submitted a comment through error handling with the information required for the Data Management Team to correct the error and update the member record. 

Please do not submit unnecessary comments. Where a comment does not provide the required information, the error will not be prioritised and will be cleared in line with our business priorities.