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Sharing our performance – March 2018

The table below shows our recent monthly performance for pension award processing:

Pensions Employers March Monthly figures
March 2018 Employers Graph

The graph above depicts the improvement we are making in our aim to pay the Pension and Lump Sum much nearer the members retirement date. Good progress is being made but we still have work to do.

The final numbers for our Awards peak processing period resulted in 3,549 awards due on the same day and we are very pleased to say that all of these were cleared by our mid April deadline.

In the other work areas we are continuing to see a steady reduction in work on hand as the work management tool becomes embedded within all Service Delivery Teams.

Another success, our sub award plan met the first milestone by clearing all the outstanding practitioner sub awards which are now fully up to date. The Officers plan remains on track with full recovery expected by the end of August 2018.

We do however still have some outstanding queries from this year’s Greenbury exercise that we are working through as fast as we can.

We have mentioned over the last couple of months that we are expecting some system downtime that will affect employer’s access to POL, as we start the process to integrate the pensioner administration and payroll activity into the end to end service. This work has now commenced with the first downtime taking place over the Easter weekend.

The next downtime is still planned for Spring Bank Holiday with both POL and Compendia being unavailable from close of business Friday 25 May 2018 through till Monday 4 June (a total of four working days). We will continue to keep you updated on our POL homepage as we get nearer to this date.