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Sharing our performance - October/November

Our current performance 

The table below shows our recent monthly performance for pension award processing:


Number of awards due to be paid in month (our target)

Number of awards cleared within the month (our performance)

Completion rate

October 2017




November 2017




Our new Work Manager system has already helped us in a number of key areas:

Performance October/November

Our current priority area is sub awards. We have had a resource pressure in this area due to resources being deployed on to first awards. Now this area is improving we are working through our clearance plan to bring sub awards up to date. We’ll give regular progress updates in the coming months. Please help us to manage member’s expectations by bearing with us during this period.

More recently

During October we held the National Service Improvement and Development Board in Fleetwood. This Board was set up following the introduction of the administration levy. A number of business justifications for change to systems/processes had been received and were reviewed by the group of employer and NHS Pensions representatives during the day. Those that were accepted will be assessed and costed and feedback provided to the Board members at the next meeting in January 2018.

Have you seen our infographic that shows some of the good things we have been doing with and for employers over the last 12 months? This is set to continue during 2018 with more events planned across the country giving as many employers as possible the opportunity to attend.

Our upcoming events include:


GP Practice event - Carlisle

Non POL event - Leeds

Non POL event - London


ESR event - Birmingham