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Sharing our performance - September

Last month we introduced this new section to share our performance and to keep you updated on key activities. It’s been a busy month with lots going on.

Our current performance  

The table below shows our recent monthly performance for pension award processing:

Month Number of awards due to be paid in month (our target) Number of awards cleared within the month (our performance) Completion rate
September 2017 4,762 4,339 91.2%

 In future months we will put the spotlight on other Service Delivery areas to share updates on current performance.

Our business transformation projects

Insourcing of pensioner payroll administration

During September we continued to work closely with our team in Crawley who are working with our current supplier in readiness to transition the service.

Everything is on track for data migration to our pensions processing system (Compendia) in early 2018.

Introduction of a work management tool

The roll out of the new work management tool has now been completed across all Service Delivery areas and is currently going through a period of refinement to ensure productivity measures are at the right level for all staff.

From the detailed management information that the system provides we now have greater visibility, and as such can better understand both the types and level of work on hand, together with any skills gaps. This is enabling us to manage the work in priority order with controlled allocation to the right people, creating greater efficiency.

Process improvements

In September we started sending acknowledgements to members with the aim of keeping them informed and to manage their expectations.

We have also started to triage work in some teams as it’s received and this will be rolled out across all teams over the coming weeks. We hope that touching work much earlier will improve the service to our customers as we should be in possession of all the required information ready to process a piece of work within the right timescales.

Other updates

We have carried out a number of Stakeholder Engagement events recently and have more planned. So far this year we have met with over 600 employers across the country. These provide educational support to employers and have been well received.

Keep an eye out for an invitation to an event near you.