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Total Reward and Annual Benefit Statements - normal pension age

You may be receiving enquiries from some members of the 2015 Scheme who have transitioned from the 1995 Section who have a normal pension age of 55 in the 1995 Section and their Total Reward or Annual Benefit Statement is stating a normal pension age of 60.

It is important to stress that for all members who this affects, the benefits stated on their statement are correct. However, for certain members the age indicator is incorrectly showing 60 instead of age 55. 

If a member’s record has not been updated to show that  Mental Health Officer (MHO) or Special Class status has ended then their normal pension age will continue to be age 55. Alternatively, if there has been a change to either Mental Health Officer or Special Class status then the normal pension age will be correct. In either circumstance there will be no need for the pension age to be checked.

This is a known issue and is on our plan to resolve hopefully in time for the next annual refresh in August 2018. An update on this will be provided nearer the time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.