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Update on migration of reports from Information Services Portal (ISP) to ePACT2 and Catalyst

We have progressed with migrating a number of reports from ISP to ePACT2 and the new public facing portal ‘Catalyst’. Users will no longer view the migrated reports through ISP.

The migrated reports are now available via ePACT2 for registered users of ISP and via Catalyst – Public Insight Portal for Guest users of ISP.

  • Potential Generic Savings
  • Specialist Drugs
  • Repeat Dispensing % Cost and Items
  • Out of Hours of Care
  • Programme Budget Categories
  • Prescribing Analysis (PAR)*
  • Personally Administered items*
  • NHS England Items and Fees
  • Practice Items
  • PCO List Size and GP Count
  • Practice List Size and GP Count
  • Cost Comparators
  • Volume Comparators

*Registered users only

More reports are in the process of migrating to ePACT2 and will be available soon.

Reports (Data Download files) that will not be migrated to ePACT2 or Catalyst and will continue to be accessed via ISP are:

  • Demographic Data
  • Drug Data
  • Prescribing Data

    Reports that will continue to be accessed via ISP are:

    • Contractor Details
    • Dispensing Practice Name and Address
    • Pharmacy Contract

    PD2 has been retired.