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Accessing patient data to maximise eRD

If you’re a GP, we can help you with electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD). Based on our prescribing data, we’re able to provide you with NHS Numbers of patients who might be suitable for eRD. So far, we’ve supported almost 3,500 practices with data for patients receiving between 1 and 3 medicines in the last 10 or more months.

We now have a new dataset enabling you to identify NHS numbers of:

To request this dataset for patients registered at your practice, email from an NHS.NET address registered to your practice. 

Increasing your use of eRD in your practice means:

  • reduced footfall to your practice and to the community pharmacy, supporting social distancing 
  • reduced workload for prescribers allowing better prioritisation of resources 
  • controlled management of the supply chain reducing the number of temporarily unavailable medicines  

Collaboration is key to the successful implementation of eRD. Community pharmacies and GP practices should collaborate on how best to maximise eRD at locally.

If you need any support with eRD, please email