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Changes to the AW171 process - information for employers

Further to previous updates, we have now implemented the final phase of the system functionality to automate the AW171 process.

This functionality will automatically trigger a revised award work item where the change received indicates that this is likely to affect a member’s benefits. This means that everyone who may be due a re-assessment of benefits will receive a re-assessment and their benefits will be adjusted in a timelier manner.

Now there is an automatic trigger, there is no longer a need for you to submit an AW171 form to us to notify us of a change as we will have already been alerted from changes submitted via POL, ESR (via an SD55E) or from amendments received via email from non-POL employers.

For revisions where the change is not reflected electronically, such as lump sum amendments or a change to the reason for retirement, you should email these to and the request for change will be raised by a member of our team on your behalf. Additionally, if you have a query relating to the revised award then please use this same email address.

The system will now calculate pay for all members of the 1995 and 2008 Scheme and the 2015 Scheme and we have added tolerance checks to ensure benefits are paid correctly. If the pay falls outside of the tolerance, a member of the Revised Awards team will be in contact to check the details we hold on record/request pay if necessary.

You no longer need to send us AW171s. We'll arrange for the AW171 form to be removed from the website as soon as is practicable and no later than the end of May.