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Information about how your pay is used to calculate your benefits.

Officer pension statement

In the 1995/2008 Scheme, we calculate your benefits for the NHS Pensions Scheme:

  • using your ‘final year’s pensionable pay’ for the 1995 Section
  • using your ‘reckonable pay’ for the 2008 Section

We work the pay that we use out differently in each of the two sections.

Your pensionable pay may change between now and when you leave the scheme. The actual figures used at retirement will be different.

In the 2015 Scheme, we calculate benefits using ‘pensionable earnings’ from each year, shown in the pensionable earnings statement.

The pay used to calculate your NHS pension benefits may be different to the actual pay you have received. This is because in some instances, not all allowances and payments are pensionable.

If you work part time we use your full time equivalent pay for benefits calculated in the 1995/2008 scheme.

You can find more information in our member guide on the NHS Pensions website.

Practitioner pension statement

This is the amount of uprated practitioner earnings used to calculate your practitioner benefits. It includes any salary from hospital / community work.

This will also include any uprating that applies if you have moved to the 2015 Scheme.

This information is on your dynamising sheet.