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How to complete the 2021/22 ARR process a performer

If you're a performer, you're required to confirm your Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) for the 2021/22 financial year. This process is called the Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) process, and you need to complete it by 5:59pm on Monday 18 July. 

It's important that you complete the ARR process because your NPE is used to calculate your entitlement to statutory payments, such as sick pay. 

Your health body has provided us with your estimated NPE for the period from April 2021 to March 2022. Your provider has then been given the opportunity to review your estimated NPE in Compass. 

What you need to do as a performer

Once your provider has reviewed your NPE in Compass, you'll get an email to let you know your figures are ready for you to confirm. 

To confirm yours, log in to Compass and:

  • select the ARR folder
  • select the ARR contract selection option
  • check the figures are correct against each contract you work on 

You'll see a dropdown menu under 'Action'. If you're happy with the amount entered, select 'Accept' from the dropdown menu. This completes the ARR process. 

If you feel the figures are incorrect, you should click 'Reject'. A box will be displayed where you can enter why you've rejected your NPE figure. This information is sent to your provider. You should then discuss and agree your NPE with your provider. 

Once you've agreed a revised figure, your provider will need to enter this into the ARR process screen. You'll then need to log in to Compass and accept the revised figure to complete the ARR process.  


Read our ARR guidance document.

Contact us at if you need help completing the ARR process.