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Information Services Portal (ISP) reports migrating to ePACT2

NHSBSA Information Services is undergoing a major technology overhaul.  Our legacy mainframe system, which feeds a number of reports currently reported through Information Services Portal (ISP) will be decommissioned by December 2018.

This means that many of the prescribing reports currently viewed through ISP will be migrating to a new system.  This transition will start at the beginning of December and will be completed once October 2018 data is released mid-December.

Please note the migration of reports does not include the three data downloads currently available in ISP – demographic, drug and  prescribing data. The access to these downloads will continue to be via ISP

Pharmacy contractors who access ISP to view payment data and organisations who view pharmacy, dispensing data and Home Oxygen reports will continue to access these reports through ISP.

Once the migration has taken place registered users of ISP will be able to view the reports in ePACT2. We will contact registered users to provide further advice.

Guest users will be able to view the reports available to them in a new public facing portal on the NHSBSA website. We will post broadcast messages on ISP as to when changes will be made and how and where the reports can be accessed.

The transition will take place in 2 phases and the first suite of reports to be moved will be:

  • MO KTT, Volume and Cost Comparators and  CD Comparators at the beginning of December 2018

The remaining prescribing reports will be transferred by mid- December which will include the Prescribing Analysis  Report (PAR), Practice Detailed Prescribing Information (PDPI), Personally Administered items.

We will be making this transition as smooth as possible and we are confident that there will be little disruption to the service provided. Support materials will be published to guide users through the transition