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A new look and new features for Compass

Compass now has some new features, as well as a new look.

Based on your feedback, we've introduced the following features to improve the usability and navigation of Compass:

  • taskbar
  • ability to pin or unpin the taskbar on each page
  • search bar
  • favourites folder

On the homepage, your recent history is still on the right-hand side, as well as now being added to the left-hand side of the page under the taskbar.

What the changes mean for you

The URL for Compass has not changed:
Your login credentials to access Compass have not changed. However, as a security measure, the system will timeout after a period of inactivity and you will be asked to log back in.


Find out more about the changes in our 'Compass guidance - September 2021', under the how-to guides section.