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New NHS Pensions member events for NHS dental practitioners

A new series of NHS Pensions member events are now available specifically for NHS dental practitioners who are part of the NHS Pension Scheme.

The events aim to provide more clarity on what the Scheme is and the benefits that members are entitled to, as well as how to navigate through the Scheme. The sessions include:                     

  • An overview of the Scheme
  • Eligibility of the Scheme and its Sections
  • Contractual enrolment
  • Cost of being in the Scheme
  • General Dental Practitioner (GDP) categories
  • Providers pensionable income
  • Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR)
  • How to nominate someone to receive your pension in the event of your death
  • Benefits of the Scheme
  • Pension commutation
  • How to increase your benefits

The events are an hour and a half long and include a presentation and time for anyone to ask questions at the end.

The first events for NHS dental practitioners are in April and more information can be found on the Member Hub.

If you register and then are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reallocate your reserved place to the next available person.