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NHSBSA announces work with Accenture to deliver the new contract management system for NHS Dental Services

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has announced that it will be working with Accenture to create a long-awaited, brand-new, contract management system for NHS Dental Services. 

The new system will be owned by the NHSBSA’s NHS Dental Services and eventually replace the current platform, Compass, which was created in 2016.

Accenture and NHS Dental Services will be working closely together to develop and design a new integrated system around an enhanced user experience. This will mean users will have a modern and easy to adapt platform that will support dentistry professionals and organisations with processes and payments.

Senior Business Systems Lead for Dental Services Mark Yarnton said, “Since the introduction of Compass in 2016, we have worked hard to continuously improve our processes and online systems.

“We look forward to working with Accenture to build a new platform that will enable us to continue that process into the future. Our aim is to improve the user experience by streamlining day to day activities for dental professionals, commissioners and NHSBSA colleagues.”

The new supplier will be working to establish user needs to influence the design of the new system. The NHSBSA has set up a research group to review how the new system could improve user experience. Providers, performers, commissioners and dental practice managers are invited to take part in the research. Complete this short survey, where we may get in touch with you for feedback at a later date.

A spokesperson for Accenture said, “We would like to thank the NHSBSA for the opportunity to be part of its transformation journey. We will use our experience and capabilities to ensure the transformation is successful, improving access, experience, and outcomes for all.”

Although plans are currently in the very early stages, the NHSBSA will update stakeholders as the project progresses over the coming years through to delivery, implementation, and the live role out stage. All users will continue to use Compass as normal until the new system launches.