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Pensions Online – Error Handling

Last month we advised that from 1 August 2020, NHS Pensions will no longer deal with comments submitted through POL error handling. 

Where you can provide relevant information for resolving an error, you should now email

Where an error is urgent as payment of benefits is due, continue to email

Current position

Employer comments providing relevant information received before 1 August 2020 have now been cleared by NHS Pensions.

Employer comments received regarding 8310 errors have not been cleared and will be allocated to our teams for clearance in line with our business priorities.

There are also a small number of errors which have to be referred to another team within NHS Pensions, there'll be a delay in clearing these cases.

When to email NHS Pensions about an error

We no longer deal with the POL employer comments due to the volume of unnecessary comments received. In line with our email policy, we will not respond if we get an email that does not give relevant information. 

This table is a general guide but does not cover all scenarios:

  Do not email NHSP Email NHSP

Errors allocated to NHS Pensions in POL error handling

As a general reminder or requesting that we clear the error

If the error is delaying a benefit payment

To ask what information we need from you. If you have done the update via POL and the error needs to be deleted.
Errors allocated to the employer in POL error handling

To amend and reprocess the form.

If you have submitted a joiner form with an incorrect start date.

If you have evidence that a NI number or DOB we hold is incorrect.
To delete the error. If you do not hold the member’s previous surname and need this for a joiner form error.
If the member record is incorrect and needs amending for the error to reprocess. If the PT/WT information was incorrect on a joiner form (not for a change during employment).
If there is missing joiner, cyclic or termination details. If you need AVC, AP or ERRBO details and cannot find the joiner notification in POL.
You are able to complete these actions in POL without contacting NHSP.

The POL error handling guide will be updated over the next few months to give error specific guidance.