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RE08 re-employment form

In January we explained there were some changes that were going to made where we intended to remove the RE08 (re-employment form) from the retirement notice letter for all types of retirements, except for those which are still subject to abatement (ill health and interests of efficiency). We hoped this removal would take place during a system release in February, however this wasn’t possible and it will now take place at the start of April.

Until this has taken place there is no requirement to return the RE08 (except in the cases stated above) and closer to the end of the relaxation of the regulations, we will contact all those who have confirmed on their AW8 that they are re-employed to ask them if their employment has continued and to provide them with an earnings margin, if required.

NHS Pensions will no longer be double checking that a 24-hour break has been taken before the member returns to work after retirement. This requirement is the responsibility of the employer.