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Units of dental activity (UDA) changes to Band 2 treatments from Friday 25 November

From Friday 25 November 2022, NHS England is introducing changes to UDAs awarded for some Band 2 claims. These changes were announced in July 2022 as part of the 2022/23 contract changes.  

These changes affect all NHS dental teams in England submitting courses of treatment where the Date of Acceptance is on or after Friday 25 November 2022. 

These changes do not affect patient contributions. A single Band 2 charge is payable across all three categories for each Band 2 claim submitted. 

UDA changes to Band 2 claims

Any Band 2 claim with a Date of Acceptance on or after Friday 25 November 2022 will be split into three categories: 

  • Band 2a
  • Band 2b 
  • Band 2c 

Read our UDA Knowledge Base article for information on the:  

  • number of UDAs each Band 2 claim awards
  • courses of treatment applicable to each band

Selecting the correct Clinical Data Set

The allocation of UDAs will be determined based on the information you provide in the Clinical Data Set. If the CDS does not indicate that the care provided included filling and/or extraction of more than three teeth or that endodontic care has been provided, then the claim will attract 3 UDAs.

For claims with a Date of Acceptance on or after Friday 25 November 2022, special attention should be paid to completing the following CDS items:

  • Permanent fillings and the number of affected teeth in a course of treatment
  • Extractions and the number of affected teeth in a course of treatment
  • Endodontics - molar on permanent teeth 
  • Endodontics - non-molar on permanent teeth

For more information on CDS items, please read page 12 of Completion of form guidance – FP17 Nov 2022 (under the ‘Dental forms’ heading).  

Viewing your UDA delivery in Compass 

You can view your up to date UDA delivery in Compass

  • select the Activity folder  
  • select Activity Actuals
  • enter the contract number you wish to view data for  
  • enter the financial year
  • select Execute 

You can use the dropdown bar to select whether you'd like to view the report in HTML, PDF or Excel.

Watch our YouTube video for a step-by-step guide: 

Amending your FP17 data

FP17s can be amended after they've been submitted. How you do this depends on how the claim was submitted. Read 'How do I amend an FP17 or FP17O?' for more information.  

You might also find 'How do I check whether an FP17 claim has been processed on Compass?' useful. 

Useful guidance documents

We have a suite of guidance documents available to support you: 

Information from NHS England is also available: 


For any questions on FP17s or Compass, you can contact us: 

For any questions regarding dental policy, please contact NHS England