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What to include in the red separator

Use the red separator when submitting your prescription forms to make sure some items can be checked before we confirm your monthly payment.

Sort your FP10 prescriptions according to the guidance on your FP34 submission document and use the red separator for forms that include:

  • the FS endorsement for free supply of sexual health treatment
  • SSP (Serious Shortage Protocol) items
  • bulk prescriptions
  • HMP prescriptions from prison prescribers with the HMP abbreviation in the prescribers address
  • broken bulk items
  • items with a Net Ingredient Cost (NIC) of £100 or more 
  • specials
  • hand amendments by the prescriber
  • out of pocket (OOP) expenses claims
  • supplementary product information
  • when the prescribers signature goes over an item at the bottom of the prescription

Specials includes:

  • an unlicensed medicine manufactured in response to a prescription for an individual patient where a licensed product is not available. These may be procured from a third party, for example a specials manufacturer 
  • prescription items endorsed that have been extemporaneously prepared (see Drug Tariff Part IIIA)

Do not include other items in the red separator, or this may lead to a delay in payment. For example, the following should not be included within the red separator:

  • items that have not been dispensed
  • where the total of all items on the form is £100 or more, but none of the items have a NIC of over £100
  • handwritten prescriptions (unless they fall under one of the above categories)
  • Dental Forms (unless they fall under one of the above categories)
  • Nurse Forms (unless they fall under one of the above categories)
  • where the patient signature goes over or outside the box in part 3
  • EPS dispensing tokens
  • contraceptive items – these do not fall into the ‘FS’ classification