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Pensions Online – Error Handling

Pensions Online (POL) error handling has a facility for employers to submit a comment on an error, to the NHS Pensions Data Management Teams. Employers are asked to submit comments where additional information can be provided to enable NHS Pensions to clear the error.

NHS Pensions has engaged with employers to try and ensure that the comments submitted are relevant however, we continue to receive high volumes of comments that do not provide necessary information for the resolution of the errors.

To ensure that we can focus our available resource most effectively, from 1 August 2020, NHS Pensions will no longer deal with comments submitted through POL error handling.

From 1 August 2020, where you can provide relevant information for resolving an error, please email

NHS Pensions will then contact you when they have actioned your request so you can resubmit your error for processing, if necessary.

Where an error is urgent as payment of benefits is due, please continue to email

In line with our current email protocol, no action will be taken for emails received that are not urgent or do not provide information to resolve the error.

We will continue to review our process and provide further updates via our employer newsletter and news page.