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Compass help and guidance

To help you get the most from Compass we have produced a series of 'How to' and interactive guides

How to guides

How to add and remove a performer on a contractHow to view activity for 2015/16Create, amend or view a performer recordCreate, amend or view a provider recordCreate a new contractView, add and amend contract services, payments and adjustmentsView and amend performers' NPE/NPEEView intra-month activityView monthly statementsAmend FP17s / FP17Os

Adding or removing performers - England only

If you are adding or removing performers from your contract or changing the allocation of NPE/NPEE between performers then you should make the changes within the Contract Amend function on Compass and then select the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom right of the page. 

You must also complete the Compass Authorisation Form and send this to you Commissioning organisation with 7 days of submitting the changes.  Please read the ‘Guidance notes’ tab within the document for advice on how to complete the form and send to the appropriate email address in the ‘Contact Details’ tab

Compass authorisation form England (Sept 2018)

Interactive guides

Registering to use CompassManaging your Compass accountCompass navigation for commissionersCompass navigation for providersCompass navigation for performers

If you're receiving error messages when trying to submit claims through Compass, find out how to resolve the most common issues.