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Important information for members who have recently received an annual allowance statement

We have become aware of an error that may have affected some pension savings statements dated between 20 April and 27 April 2022. These statements were issued on 28 April 2022. 

As a precaution we are recalculating and issuing new statements to all members who have been sent a statement issued on this date to ensure that anyone affected receives an updated statement as soon as possible.

We are writing directly to all members who may have been affected to let you know that you will receive this updated statement soon.

Pension savings statements are sent to members who may have an annual allowance charge. The annual allowance is the maximum amount of tax free growth an individual’s pension can grow by in one year. This does not affect the majority of NHS Pension Scheme members, who will not receive pension savings statements. You can find out more about annual allowance on our annual allowance webpage