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Making changes to your FP17W and FP17OW submissions

In December 2021, the length of time you had to update or replace FP17Ws and FP17OWs changed

For updates completed online in Compass or using the schedule query process, you had until the June 2022 cut off date to update or replace FP17Ws and/or FP17OWs from the 2021/22 financial year if the most recent date on the claim was between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022.

How to find the financial year on your claims

General FP17Ws
The financial year on your general FP17Ws is usually allocated according to the Date of Completion.

For FP17OWs, the financial year is based on:

  • Date of Assessment for Assess and Review
  • Date of Assessment for Assess and Refuse
  • Date Appliance Fitted for Assess/Appliance Fit claims

Incomplete treatment claims
Claims for incomplete treatment between the scheduling periods July to March are always allocated to the current financial year, irrespective of the Date of the Last Visit.

Between April and June, incomplete treatment claims are allocated to the current financial year unless the Date of Last Visit falls within an earlier financial year. In this case, the previous financial year will be used.


If you need to update or replace any FP17Ws/ FP17OWs that relate to financial year 2021/22 (for example, if you are correcting the under reporting of the fluoride varnish metric), please get permission from your health board before contacting our EDI Support Team at: