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Registering for eOPS

The eOPS system is available only to those who have registered for an account.

It is important that users read the information and requirements before applying to access eOPS.

eOPS Account Types

Commissioner Access

This will give you access to eOPS dashboards providing national-level data with a summary of GOS activity information at the National, Regional, ICB, Contract and Performer levels.

Commissioner level - Data can be accessed on the number of NHS sight tests performed, and the number of vouchers, supplements, repairs, or replacements along with data around eligibility indicators submitted on the GOS forms.

Anyone working under ICB(S) (Integrated Care Boards) or approved NHS organisations can register.

eOPS: Commissioner Access


Who can register

The following types of organisations can register for access to eOPS:

  • NHS England ICBS - Commissioner Access
  • National Organisations that can provide a valid reason/justification for requiring access to view the data - Commissioner Access

Access to eOPS is not available to individual providers and commercial organisations.

User Retention Policy

After 6 months of no activity, your access will be automatically revoked.

Once your account has been revoked, you'll need to re-register for access to eOPS.

If you have any questions or require support with registering for eOPS access please email our Data Services Support team at: