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Bulletins - commissioners

Regular bulletins are created to provide useful updates for Dental Commissioners.

Bulletins will be emailed to all relevant recipients using the email address held in Compass. Make sure these details are kept up to date.

The 6 most recent bulletins are available:

January 2020

Articles include

  • Bookmark Compass Webpage
  • New Compass Authorisation Form (CAF)
  • WebEDI Claims
  • Dental Contract Reform
  • Contract Summary Report
  • Finance Reports

Commissioner bulletin no.59 (PDF: 347KB)

December 2019

Articles include:

November 2019

Articles include:

  • Post ARR now open in Compass
  • DDRB uplift report
  • New Twitter account
  • Compass Authorisation Form (CAF) – England only
  • eDEN update
  • Online FP17s awaiting authorisation in Compass 

Commissioner bulletin no. 57 (PDF: 248KB)

October 2019

Articles include:

  • DDRB uplift & Compass downtime
  • Mid-year review 2019/2020 - England only
  • Dental Assurance Service reviews 2019/2020 - England only
  • eDEN Release 1
  • Dental Contract Reform
  • Spotlight articles

Commissioner bulletin no. 56 (PDF: 250KB)

September 2019

Commissioner bulletin – England

Articles include:

  • Compass passwords
  • Service lines
  • eDEN is now live 

Compass update no 55 – England (PDF: 240KB)

Dentist bulletin – Wales

Articles include:

  • Compass passwords
  • Service lines
  • eDEN is now live
  • GDS reform programme reports  

Compass update no 55 – Wales (PDF: 246KB)

August 2019

Articles include:

  • eDEN update
  • CoMPASS user audit
  • ARR processing
  • Inactive performer report
  • Orthodontic contracts 19/20 – England only

Compass update no 54 (PDF: 92KB) 



If you have questions or require any further help, you can use 'Ask Us' for Compass help and guidance articles or contact us.