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Contacting the NHSBSA Pensions Operational Finance Team

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are experiencing some delays in responding to your emails.

Please be assured that Pensions Operational Finance are working extremely hard to make sure that we respond to all queries as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.

What we do and how to contact us

If you are contacting us regarding:

  • Processing the collection of monthly scheme contributions from employers
  • Contribution enquiries – non-payment, payment queries
  • Adjustments or errors in the submission of monthly scheme contributions via the Make Contribution Payment (MCP) and Pensions Online (POL) Payment portals
  • Changes to bank details
  • Refund requests for incorrectly submitted contributions
  • Account or employer closure
  • Invoicing of employer costs

Employers can contact us by email:

You may also be contacted regarding contribution non-payment queries by:

Contribution Remittances (EA and GP Practices)

You can contact us regarding remittance paperwork for contribution payments paid by bank transfer by email:


Helpful links

For any other NHS Pension or Injury Benefit enquiries

Visit our ‘Ask Us’ knowledge base or contact the Employer Helpline: 

To register for the Make Contribution Payment portal

To register to use the new Make Contribution Payment (MCP) payment portal for electronic submission of your monthly scheme contributions, contact or visit the Pensions Finance webpages for details on how to use the MCP payment submission portal.

Enquiries regarding invoices for scheme administration and interest charges for Late Payment or non-payment of pension contributions

Enquiries are dealt with by the NHS Business Services Authority team in Newcastle:

Non-finance subjects:

NHSBSA Pensions Operational Finance are unable to respond to non-finance subjects, therefore you must redirect your enquiry to the relevant contact centres:

For Member pension queries, retirement calculations, benefit statements or NHS Pension Scheme information:  


For Employer questions regarding Member annual updates, contribution calculations, changes in employment, service queries: