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Information Services Portal (ISP)

Detailed Prescribing Information (DPI) decommissioned

The prescribing data will now only be available as the English Prescribing Dataset (EPD) available through our Open Data Portal.

NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) reorganisation as of 1 April 2021

NHS structure changes will be implemented as of 1 April 2021. The changes will apply to April 2021 dispensing data which will be released mid-June and will be implemented across all our reporting systems where applicable (Information Services Portal (ISP), Open Data Portal (OPD) and ePACT2).

Read more about the changes and how it affects our systems and reports (Word: 64KB).

The One Drug Database (ODD)

You can read more about the implementation of the ODD and how this affects our systems and reports.

NHS structure re-organisation

You can read more about the re-organisation and how it affects our systems and reports.

Migration to ePACT2

A number of the prescribing reports previously viewed through the Information Services Portal have now migrated to ePACT2.

'Guest' users will now view the reports via the new ‘Catalyst’ system.

Log in to the portal

Registered users within the NHS and public sector can use the portal to access data about prescribing and dispensing, as well as financial and organisation information.

Go to the Information Services PortalLimited data is available to the general public using the guest login.

The ISP is available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 8pm, excluding Bank Holidays. The system is usually available outside of these hours but may be unavailable due to maintenance. 

Register for the portal

You can request access to the portal if you:

  • work for an NHS England Local Team or Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) who needs access to CPAF, NMS and MUR Reports
  • work for a Commissioner/Provider who needs access to Home Oxygen Reports
  • work for a Home Oxygen Supply company
  • work for a Home Oxygen Region
  • need access to Management Information Spreadsheet (MIS)
  • work for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)
  • are a Pharmacy Contractor who needs to view CPAF report

To request access, email:

Pharmacy Contractors who require access to Payment Information, email:

GDPR statement

Read our GDPR statement (Word: 242 KB) to see how we'll handle and store your data