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Information Services Portal (ISP)

Log in to the portal

Registered users within the NHS and public sector can use the portal to access data about prescribing and dispensing, as well as financial and organisation information.

Go to the Information Services PortalLimited data is available to the general public using the guest login.

The ISP is available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 8pm, excluding Bank Holidays. The system is usually available outside of these hours but may be unavailable due to maintenance. 

Register for the portal

Registration user guide

Registration can be completed online for:

  • Area Teams
  • Primary Care Organisations (PCO) which includes CCGs and Providers
  • Commissioning Support Units (CSUs)
  • Practices / Cost Centres
  • Provider trusts
  • Public sector and other organisations who need to monitor and manage prescribing data in primary care

The following users will need to contact us to register:

  • DH users
  • Hospital Trusts
  • Home Oxygen Suppliers
  • Home Oxygen Regions
  • Those who need access to Management Information Spreadsheet (MIS)
  • Organisations who need access at National level (England)

You can call us on 0191 203 5050 or email

Please note: we can't accept registrations authorised by the person who is requesting access.

Access to more than one organisation

If you need access to more than one organisation:

  1. Submit an online registration request for your ‘default’ organisation
  2. Once you’re registered, submit  requests for each organisation via ‘My account’

Get help with this by reading the Request New Profile guidance.

GDPR statement

Read our statement on how we will handle and store your data