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Our Environment Strategy 2022 to 2025

NHSBSA has already declared a climate emergency in September 2020 and made a public commitment to respond. We are supporting this declaration with this ambitious environment strategy, clearly defining the long-term goals and actions we will achieve by 2025. 

It sets out how we will:

  • advance our approach to improve the environmental performance of our organisation
  • accelerate our work with suppliers and colleagues to reduce our broader impacts
  • use our capabilities and interaction with the wider healthcare system to drive change on a national level to support a Greener NHS

We will continue to demonstrate leadership by challenging our thinking, being informed by science and collaborating with others to transition to a more sustainable future.

Our strategy is made up of these key areas:

Foreword from Chief Executive


Our journey so far

Our environment vision

Our core priorities

Developing and delivering

You can also read Our Environment Strategy 2022 to 2025 in PDF format (PDF: 1.77MB).