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General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract management

Information for ophthalmic contractors 

The information on this page is currently only relevant to ophthalmic contractors based in the ​​​London, South East, East of England, South West, North West, and Midlands NHS England and NHS Improvement regions. If you are based in a different region, you should contact your regional team for help with your application. 

General information

We're running a proof of concept (POC) for contractors based in London, South East, East of England, South West, North West, and Midlands to help standardise the processes involved in applying for a GOS contract. If you're an existing GOS contractor, you do not need to reapply.

You can find out more information about our POC in our briefing document:

Briefing document for contractors in our POC regions (Word:67KB)

We've collaborated with the London region to ensure contractors are well supported throughout the application process. The London region has produced a GOS Contract Application Process and Declaration form (Word: 50KB). Complete the form and submit it to alongside:

  • your new GOS contract application form
  • any supporting evidence

You can also read our Guidance for applicants (Word: 305KB) document and look at examples of completed forms under each relevant business section.

Apply for your GOS contract 

Dispensing-only Practices

If you are applying to become a dispensing-only practice, download the Dispensing-Only Practice Form (Word: 237KB) and the bank mandate form (PDF:431KB).

Complete the forms and return them to

If you need help to complete this form, look at the completed Dispensing-Only Practice Form example (Word: 95KB) for guidance.

Terminate your GOS contract

Under the terms of the GOS contract, you can request to terminate your contract. 

Your contract will be terminated 3 months after you serve notice, or at a mutually agreed date with your regional team.

If you are based within one of the POC regions and want to terminate your contract, download the Termination Form (Word: 298KB).

Complete the form and send it to

If you need help to complete this form, look at the completed Termination form example (Word: 257KB) for guidance.  

Contract Variations

We are processing the following contract variations for all regions participating in our POC: 

  • change in GOS hours 
  • relocations – mandatory 
  • change of address – domiciliary practice 
  • adding a new borough for a domiciliary provider 
  • changes in company name 
  • change from an individual to a partnership 
  • partner joining or leaving a partnership (not to or from an individual) 
  • change from a partnership to an individual 
  • addition of directors to a body corporate 
  • change to or from a body corporate 
  • change of trading name 
  • change of registered office 

If you want to make any changes listed above, email with: 

  • the change(s) you want to make
  • supporting information (for example, if it’s a change in GOS opening hours, provide us with the old opening hours as well as the opening hours you want to change to)
  • your current trading address
  • your contact number

To deliver ophthalmic services at a different address, you need to download and complete Annex 8.13: Mandatory services variation to provide ophthalmic services at a different premises form (Word: 35.8KB)

You should return the form to

If you need help completing this form, please see Annex 8.13: Mandatory services variation to provide ophthalmic services at a different premises form (Word: 37.4KB)

For any 'additional premises' requests, these will be treated as a new application throughout the POC. This is instead of a contract variation.