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Dental Contract Reform in England

The current NHS dental contract does not acknowledge improvements that have been made in oral health over the decades or drive oral health improvement. .

The aim of this programme is to:

  • prevent future dental disease
  • encourage patients to take responsibility for their oral health, with the support of the practice team
  • reduce the amount of necessary remedial dental work.

Patients will still have access to the full range of clinically necessary treatments available on the NHS..

The programme introduces a clinical pathway which provides patients with oral health assessments. Oral Health Assessments:

  • identify the patient’s future risk of dental disease
  • provide self-care plans and preventative advice

Follow up Oral Health Reviews  are provided where necessary to check on progress or to be provided  with preventative treatments, for example fluoride varnish

You can find out more about contract reform on the GOV.UK website.