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Promoting the more effective use of skill mix

As outlined in NHS England’s first stage of Dental Reform letter, dental therapists and others operating within their scope of practice and competence can open courses of treatment.

To support you with this, the FP17 has fields to record your information as a dental care professional (DCP). If you’re a DCP and you’ve carried out all or part of a course of treatment, you must record your:

  • DCP type – tick only one option from the list
  • GDC number – this will be validated against the GDC list held in Compass

You must enter your DCP type and GDC number to prevent the FP17 from being rejected.

You must also include a dentist’s performer number, even if you carried out the full course of treatment as a DCP. This might be the performer number of the dentist supervising treatment, or the performer number for the contract holder (your provider).

More information on this is available in our completion of form guidance – FP17 (under the ‘Dental forms’ heading).

Further information on skills mix can be found: